This is a series of ebooks from a very talented Dr. Julia Riede.  A knit designer studying to be a medical doctor, in Germany!

The level of detail in her ebooks is extensive, but not overwhelming.

Julia started the series with ‘Shawl Design in Plain English’ over three ebooks.  They demonstrate and give you all the math you need for all the different shawl shapes.  Review each shape from start to finish.  And include some suggestions and samples.

Her latest book ‘Sock Knitting in Plain English’ is a masterful narrative of each element of the sock.

If you’ve ever thought about designing for yourself, and others – these ebooks will be more than helpful.

Julia’s ebooks are available directly on her own website, on Amazon, and through


Shawl Design in Plain English

Sock Knitting in Plain English

** I do not receive any type of compensation for these book reviews.  These are purely my own viewpoint. **