I’m fascinated, yet confounded by how often I see news about color.  This seasons colors….. Pantone’s colors… home decor… fashion….

It got me thinking… do I care what is the ‘color of the year’…

I suppose in some ways it gives me inspiration! When I do think about how many different colors we are able to see, I chuckle when I hear myself saying ‘oh, I’ve never seen that before’.  I’m absolutely delighted when I create a new dye color!!  Steel Teal, was one of those colors.

I think as far as my fashion goes, the popular colors of the season have zero effect on my wardrobe.

Now comes yarn – so many colors, so little time!  Between the fibre content and the color, my pocketbook loses every time.  However, I can say with certainty, whatever color I’m knitting with at this moment, hasn’t been impacted by this season at all !!